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TTHackney – a letter to the hub

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dear all

with a momentary aside where we wondered if ‘Transition Town Hackney’ was really going to be the name or not, being concerned with automatically associating ourselves with the politics implied by that name, wondering if the whole of Hackney in one whoosh was really going to work anyway (what with a quarter of a million of us milling about), the latest meeting of, um-it’ll-do-for-now, TTHackney should definitely be considered a very positive moment.

forget, for the moment, your intricately conceived social enterprises, your detailed business plans, your dream-for-years, your established not-for-profits, and consider a bunch of people in a room in a theatre with a pretty wispy grasp of what the transition model actually is meeting for the purpose of they’re-not-quite-sure-what. all the more remarkable for it, i say. everyone present, a remarkable 35 this time, simply wanted to link themselves to a wider group of people who want the place to be better. from people with quite advanced notions of energy descent, an obvious academic knowledge of the issues of the day and so forth, to people who just want old people to be able to be involved with growing food locally. a bewildering number of local and national organisations were represented, from Growing Communities through numerous Hackney and London based groups and intiatives, to a guy running an open permaculture garden in his, er, garden, to people with PhDs in communicating ecological whatnots to people here and there.

and we talked about this and that, wondered how to coordinate ourselves, wondered what the point of the exercise really was, wondered if the transition model as such was really relevant and divided ourselves into groups to decide on at least one action to do by the next meeting, split into communiction, food, energy & waste, networks and inclusion. And the next meeting is: Wed 17 Dec 08, 7pm-9ish, Arcola Theatre, v v short mtg, + screening of some movie + beer/drinks/talking/shyly hovering/enthusically ranting/etc.

is it working, then? so far, yes, it is working. switch to personal for best effect i think. i discovered a lot of things. opportunities to join things. to get people to teach me things. put my own knowledge and actions in context. met people i’d like to talk to again. found a place to study/practice permaculture gardening. thought i might as well become one of these hackney green champion folk. definitely resolved to get my garden compost thingy finished soon. felt glad that a lot, and i really mean a lot, of other people are very very busy doing a lot of very excellent things (no new news to many of you, i daresay, but there’s things to bring and take at these things i think).

one of the best things i’d hope for from this new whatd’youcallit is that it becomes a success driven phenomenon, where successes are reported back each time we meet (or view the wonderful online forum which may or may not spring into life soon) and which inspire/shame/blugeon/tempt us all to run off and get still more successes to report back the next time. or even just con us into agreeing to do something which, although we know it’s a good idea, we really didn’t mean to because, y’know, we’re just so terribly terribly busy.

an avalanche of good stories will fuel this non-enterprise thing we have going here. it is not an attempt to replace anything. it doesn’t make redundant any other organisation. it attempts to be inclusive, although it hasn’t worked out how yet. there are no bold statements for anyone to disagree with or argue against. nothing more than a loose collection of people loosely suggesting that they have good will which may or may not be biddable at certain stages, if the right person asks.

what more d’you want?

caution everyone!
in amongst it all, to a general sense of agreement, someone said that just by thinking about calling whatever the group ends up calling itself something with ’sustainable’ in the title or similar (you all know what i’m talking about here), not only they, but three quarters of the population of Hackney would be immediately alientated/nauseated/switched permanently off, even in the Stoke Newington eco-linguistically-robust baby-factory of sustainable legend. it’s something to bear in mind. some of you might recall whisperings/shoutings along these lines at the recent double-edged-hub-AGM.

more? you all know where to go.

wonderful windy days, all,