Climate Consequences


Cover Story! The Tip of the Iceberg

JO magazine, august 2009

‘Climate change still seems far away – but for people in developing nations around the world, the future is now. The third in a series of articles about the upcoming COP15 Climate Change Conference looks at how global temperatures are already changing.’

Civil Actions


Civil Actions (pdf)

Article on JO magazine website

JO magazine, june 2009

‘When lobbying for change gets you nowhere, what do you do? UK protesters are finding ever bigger – and sometimes more risky – ways to make a statement.’

Changing Climes


Changing Climes (pdf)

Article on JO magazine website

JO magazine, may 2009

‘This year, in Copenhagen, a UN conference on climate change could determine the fate of the world. No, really’



The New Craftsman (pdf)

Article on JO magazine website

JO magazine, december 2008

‘In the post-petroleum age, we are beginning to re-learn the love of things that are local, not transported; made by hand rather than machine. But can the makers survive in a manufactured world?’



A New Energy Balance: An Interview with the Founder of the Transition Movement (pdf)

Article on Jo magazine website

JO magazine, september 2008

‘Peak oil, climate change. A scary future. Rob Hopkins says the answers to these problems lie not with governments, but in our own communities.’



Genie in the Bottle: Western Civilization’s Long Love-Affair with Alcohol (pdf)

Article on JO magazine website

JO magazine, july 2008

‘A look at the role of alcohol at various stages in our history and the attempts to ban it, including a theory of how its discovery may have been linked to the first human settlements.’

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